Croatian Language Academy

O nama

Croatian Language Academy is a specialized center for teaching Croatian as a foreign language. As a member of Sputnk Group and through year of experience CLA has developed proven methods and teaching tools with the goal of enabling our students to learn Croatian Language and start using their knowledge in a short time period.

CLA's goal

CLA's goal is to maintain our reputation as the best independent center for learnign Croatian as a foreign language in Croatia.

Our strenght lies in...

Our strength lies in the recruitment of the best professors; constant investing in their professional development, which for our clients means quick and long-lasting comprehension of the new language. Even though we are a relatively young company, from the very beginning we manage a wide network of professors with a long teaching experience on their record. In teaching all our professors use a unique methodology whose goal is to allow our clients to start speaking the language, reinforce their confidence when speaking a foreign language, motivate them to learn so that it is no longer a “burden”, and finally to exceed our client expectations.

Our programs 

Our programs are custom made in accordance with the client’s need analysis, and are characterized by their professionalism, client’s satisfaction during the program, and the overall speed of learning.

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